Pension Universe

Pension Universe

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Hot Bath

We have two family-type baths. If you like to take a natural spring, we recommend you to come to Okuhotaka spring Pension Galaxy!


Internet Connection

We have three Wifi routers. You can connect your PC or smartphone via Wifi. We also offer a wired connction on the second floor.



We have a microbus Nissan caravan with 12 seats. We will pick you up at a bus stop Kamata, Hotaka-guchi and other ski resorts in Katashina, including Oguna-hotaka and Hotaka Camp for free. We also try to pick you up at Japan Railway Numata station, and Japan Railway Joetsu Shinkansen Jomo-Kogen station, if available. We also send you to a trailhead of Mt. Hotaka, Sango-daira in the early morning. Please ask us if you need other places to pick up or send you. If possible, we will help your travel!


BBQ place

We have a BBQ place in front of Pension Galaxy.